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first step for sunchips, giant leap for the industry.

You can only get Media Post articles if you subscribe to them, so I took an excerpt from SunChips Rolling Out Compostable Package written by Karl Greenberg that I read this morning about SunChips takes a huge step in the greening of product packaging.

sunchips-bSnack brand SunChips, a division of PepsiCo’s Frito-Lay, likes its packaging to be ubiquitous on shelves — but on sidewalks, bushes, in trees or the random gutter? Not so much. The company is rolling out compostable, organic-based packaging bit by bit this year, with a fully compostable bag due out on Earth Day in 2010.

The marketing effort includes a 45-second ad showing a time lapse of the 100% biodegradable bag decomposing over 14 weeks. It will run once on “American Idol” on Tuesday — the day before Earth Day — followed by a home-page takeover on various social/video Web sites.  Print ads running in People will include samples of the new biodegradable material.  SunChips has also begun a national point-of-purchase effort in grocery stores this week with pamphlets containing swatches of the material — made of polylactic acid (trade name Ingeo) with instructions on how to compost it.

The campaign will be extended after Earth Day through a participation initiative via a partnership with National Geographic.  A digital campaign — centering on the video — will direct people to GreenEffect.com, where they can submit an account of steps they or their community groups are taking toward a sustainable lifestyle.

Out of all of the Earth Day promotions that I have been reading about, this one stands out the most for me.  SunChips seems to be taking this a step further than just talking the talk…. They are actually inventing a material that will revolutionize the way product packaging is made and putting the idea of composting out there.  Gone are the days that hippies and farmers are the only ones who compost their scrapes of food and now businesses like Whole Foods are setting up Composting Facilities around the United States.  I look forward to seeing this trend continue further than Whole Foods and my backyard (the picture below is a before shot of our garden).


my social media competition.

I just stumbled upon a great social media white paper.  The 26 page pdf SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING INDUSTRY REPORT: How Marketers Are Using Social Media to Grow is written by Michael A. Stelzer of Writing White Papers.  The report surveyed  over 700 social media marketers, asking them open ended questions about the industry.  If you don’t want to read the entire thing, go here to watch a video that explains some of the highlights.  After reading all 26 pages, I do have to say that I am concerned.

I have been told time and time again that the niche service I provide is a much needed one in Sonoma County (and the marketing industry as a whole) and that I need to help bring the Wine Country into the Web 2.0 world.  With so many “Social Media Consultants, Guru’s and Marketers”  that follow me online, I figured that maybe some of them might actually have some experience with the subject matter that they claim to be an expert on.  According to the report, I may be wrong.

The report justified my own personal commitment to social media and gave me a better understanding of what I should expect (or not expect) from my competition (aka those social media marketers that claim to know it all).  I have been using social media for years and my time spent on my iphone or on my laptop is almost embarrassingly high.  Honestly, ask my friends and they all will tell you I need to have my iphone within an arm’s length at all time.  A debate on if this is healthy or not is another subject.  Apparently (a  positive and a negative for me), my competition isn’t as dedicated and knowledgeable on the subject as I am. Here, I do want to state, that I know not all new social media people can be put into this stereotype and I am sure their are many respectable social media newbies out there. Right now it seems like social media marketing is the hottest trend and everyone is trying to jump on the bandwagon.

Some highlights of the report include:

“When asked to rate their experience using social media marketing for their businesses, a significant 72% of marketers have either just started or have been using social media for only a few months. ” What?? I know the industry is relatively new, but a few months, come on!




“There is a direct relationship between how long marketers have been using social media and their weekly time commitment.  For people just beginning with social media, the median weekly time commitment was two hours per week. However, for folks who have been doing this for a few months, the median jumped to 10 hours a week. And for people who have been doing this for years, their median is 20+ hours each week.” The longer you have been involved with social media, the more you understand that it does take a lot of time… You also know it pays off.


“The longer you invest, the greater return you are gonna get”

- Michael Stelzer

So, to conclude, I will never claim to know all the answers.  That isn’t what social media is about.  It is about trial and error…. It is about being able to adapt and react quickly, it is about being honest with your consumers and most important it is about COMMITMENT and PASSION . I am happy to report that I can proudly say I am capable of all of this….  Can a social media guru who just started truly say that?

a perfect blend of wine & social networking.

Thursday, April 2nd is Wine 2.0‘s latest San Fransisco event held at the Crushpad.  After months of hearing amazing tweets about happenings at this venue, I finally get to go!  If you haven’t heard about Wine 2.0, it is a wine social network/event planning company that is looking to bring the wine world into the 2.0 world….

In an interview done by Winterviews, Cornelius Geary, Wine 2.0’s CEO sums up what many of us wine bloggers already know:

“That direct connection with the consumer and the potential sale it holds, I believe, is the number one priority for wine brands in the U.S.”

customer service in the consumer review era.

Years ago, back when the terms blog and twitter were still unknown, if restaurants, retailers or wineries provided terrible customer service then the word only got around to the visitors immediate friends and family.  If it was a truly horrific act of bad customer service or product failure, then maybe the word would spread a bit further.  Of course this is not the world we live in now.

As shown by Lisa de Bruin’s trip to Domaine Chandon, Gary Vaynerchuk’s visit at Mondrian, a “hip” hotel in Miami, as well as my recent trip to Korbel, a bad experience is not only is talked about online – it has the ability to “go viral.”  Consumer review site’s such as Yelp (even with their problems) and personal blogs have had a great impact, both positively and negatively on the service industry.  It isn’t just wine reviewers or food critics that are telling the world their opinion.

You can bitch all you want, but this trend is not going away anytime soon.  The internet is here, and social tools are just making it easier and faster for people to voice their opinions.  Go ahead and complain that these reviews are not from trained professionals, who know what they are talking about, or negative reviews could be from disgruntled employees, or that positive reviews could even be from someone affiliated with the company.


Okay, hopefully now that you are done complaining about the situation you can take a deep breath and accept that consumer written reviews are not going away…. Or, hopefully, you are one of the ones reading this that understands that this new form of reviewing the service industry can actually help businesses.

What some people don’t get is that BOTH negative & positive postings provide a great opportunity for publicity.  The online landscape allows businesses to respond to negative comments and even generate positive posts by asking visitors to post reviews, or just by delivering customer service that is truly above and beyond.  Those businesses that adapt to the new era of online voices and not only respond to what is said, but actually LISTEN and (if need be) make changes will be the ones who will make it through.  Yes, I do know there is more to running a business then just this — just stick with me here….

Service businesses HAVE TO adapt to the landscape or watch their competition, that are paying attention, take away customers.  They have to know that in this new online era that they truly have to go above and beyond when it comes to customer service.  If you are a business that needs some help with online publicity or even an evaluation of your place of business, then please visit here.

I will leave you with some quotes from Gary:

“Stop age discrimination in the tasting room because that 24 year old will go and blog about what kind of douche bags you are and no one will buy your wine.”

“Service industry is really going to start feeling these impacts.”

seth godin’s social media quotes.

Some great quotes from the one person I can truly call a Marketing Guru, Seth Godin.

“Social Networking that matters is helping people archive their goals.  Doing it reliably and repeatability so that over time people have an interest in helping you achieve your goals” (You can do it both online and office).

“What I don’t like online is the superficial networking. It doesn’t count for anything” (I can say the same thing for real world networking, sitting in a room of people who are just waiting for their turn to speak without really listening or caring what you have to say).

Thanks to Anthony De Rosa of Soup, Soup for blogging this video….  and for his humorous tweets about Social Media.

why you should hire a freelancer.

I was just recently asked by a winemaker friend of mine if I have any marketing agency recommendations for him.  After he told me he was looking for an agency to create a print ad, my first question to him was why he wanted an agency to do this for him when it would be much cheaper and faster to hire a freelance graphic artist to create an amazing print ad for him.

His reaction to my question was that he hadn’t thought about that and he wasn’t sure how to go about finding the right person to help him out.

This comment got me thinking about local photographer/creative director/social elite Todd Brilliant’s new project the Creative Job Agency and the large number of freelance creative people I know around the area.

The CREATIVE JOB AGENCY will position itself as “LinkedIn for Creatives,” only with a real-world social element that will help form and cement critical professional relationships.

What is great about this “agency” is that it allows like-minded creative people to network, online and offline to discuss work opportunities and possible collaborations.   It is a great opportunity to meet freelancers and build up your list of recommended graphic artists, website developers, pr people, etc.  What it doesn’t do is get the word out to other, non-creative businesses and people who might be looking for our services.  That is up to us.

My current side business (still in initial start up phase) is social media and public relations focused, which is not a discipline that local businesses usually think to use when budgeting their marketing dollars.   This means it is up to me to get out into the community to let them know that I am available to help them cheaply market their brands online.  I currently am doing this by networking with business owners and other creative people, linking businesses that might not need my services with other freelance people that can currently help them.

Other reasons a freelance PR/Marketing/Website person might be the best answer for you*

  1. Price –  Freelancers do not have the same overhead as agencies, which means it costs less for them to create
  2. Attention – More personal attention because they have less clients
  3. Localized services – Help keep freelancers in business and they will continue to live in Sonoma County and help out the economy instead of moving away to work at agencies in the big cities
  4. Talent -The lack of work  in agencies means that talented people (like me) are doing more side work

So before you go looking for a Sonoma County agency, ask yourself if you know anyone who might know a freelancer that could help you out.

*Sorry to agencies I have previously had worked for or will work for in the future.  I am not discounting the work that any Agency does, but during economic hardships, I think that freelance work is the better choice, especially for smaller businesses.

social media can help sonoma county businesses through the downturn.

Yesterday two more stories were in the Press Democrat about Sonoma County businesses laying off people and cutting back on production.  Agilent Technologies and one of my favorite food brands, Amy’s Kitchen, both have been hit hard by the recession.  Both companies say they are cautiously optimistic about the future.  This got me thinking that it may be hard to stay optimistic when reading these articles (and the many others), but if you look at this era as an opportunity, then you can be optimistic about the future.

Even though hard working people are being laid off every single day, the downtime allows people to assess their situation and do something about it. As Scott Ginsberg, motivational speaker and business blogger says in a recent article titled How to Dance in the Rain of Our Current Economic Storm:

Take advantage of your downtime to accomplish projects and activities you wouldn’t be able to do if you were booked solid.  With this approach, you’ll probably end up accomplishing more than ever…

In tough times, one still has to believe that hard work, dedication, creativity and persistence will (hopefully) prevail.   I am lucky to have inspiration from my father who owns a carpet store in Santa Rosa.  Many other carpet stores are closing down because of lack of sales, but my dad has managed to not only stay afloat, he is actually still doing relatively well.  When this recession ends and consumers start having more confidence to start buying products, he will be the one they will buy carpet from because he will still be around.

Will your business be around at to see the rainbow at the end of the storm?   What?  Too cheesy?  How about will your business stay afloat after the hurricane?

One thing that Sonoma County businesses can do to help make sure that they stay afloat is to invest in Social Media Marketing.   An unfortunate trend I am seeing at both the national and local level is that brands are cutting back on most or all of their marketing budgets to save some money.  This is fine, if you want your competition to hog the spotlight and take away your business.  But, if you want to stay relevant and keep your brand on top of mind when consumers do get their purchasing confidence back, then you need to keep on reminding them that you are still here.

Top Reasons Sonoma County businesses should use Social Media Marketing to publicize their brand online:

  1. It is cost effective
  2. It provides national coverage (especially great in such a touristy place such as this)
  3. It can improve SEO rankings and website traffic
  4. You can be responsive to negative comments (as well as thank those with positive comments)
  5. It also provides the opportunity to connect with other members of your community

Chris Brogan, Social Media guru has an awesome post back in October of 2008 on using social media to help you get through the economic downturn.

New Media Type, a Web 2.0 blog explains that Social Media Marketing is sometimes the first to be cut because of the unknown but that it shouldn’t be.

send a virtual cupcake.

I just discovered a cute new viral promotion on where you can customize and email a cupcake to your friends and kitchen appliance company Electrolux will give one dollar for each cupcake to the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund.

I am not a fan of Electrolux’s Kelly Ripa campagin (because she kinda drives me crazy) but anything that has to do with cupcakes and giving money to ovarian cancer research , I am all for!  I would like to note that if you try to send a cupcake from their website you have to sign up and give them your information, but the Facebook application you don’t.


take your rubber chicken to work week.

Yet another brilliant publicity ploy from El Jefe at Twisted Oak Winery is the idea to get people to take their “Twisted” rubber chickens to their places of work.  Yes, last week was take your rubber chicken to work week, or #tyrctww if you are talking about it on Twitter.

Though, I never made it into my real office because I was traveling to San Francisco for the ZAP fest and to help assist Alice Medrich on her segment on chocolate crostini’s on the View from the Bay (yes, I thought about taking it here, but I had too much other stuff to bring), I did take some great pictures and had a lot of fun with my four rubber chickens.   Yes, perhaps some things did get a little out of control.

My week started off with some social media work from my kitchen with three of my four chickens.


My fourth little guy was lost, which my first reaction was that he was kidnapped.  My friend Kevin designed a milk box so that I could properly let others know that he was missing.


Finally, my roommates found him, hiding next to our beer fridge and brought him back to me safe.


He visited my PR class with me and then we were off to visit San Fransisco where we both drank wayyyyyy too much zin.


a few things I learned from social media camp.

taken by daniel brusilovsky

taken by daniel brusilovsky

This past Tuesday I ventured to San Fran to make a stop at social media camp, a conference much like cupcake camp or bar camp and I learned a few things:

1. “Wanna be successful, make people around you successful.”  This quote struck a cord deep down in me when I heard it in Erica O’Grady’s opening speech.  It is from the book Never Eat Alone: And Other Secrets to Success, One Relationship at a Time by Keith Ferrazzi and Tahl Raz.  It is so obvious, yet so powerful.  Working in marketing, the first rule is that if your client is not making money then you won’t keep the business for long.  In my new position as the social marketing and promotions manager for Healdsburg Magazine, my job is to care about bringing more money to local businesses and the Healdsburg community/economy as a hole.  I recently learned that many small family owned wineries in the area are already on the Open Wine Consortium (social network for people in the wine industry). This proves that they know that the web is a great vehicle to get their voice across, now I want to help them get heard through multiple other social media sites, thus making them more successful (and in turn, making me more successful of course).

2. Sex still sells! At the Half Baked activity, the room was split into 3 teams, my team constituted of a few people, including Tilly from Yahoo. The idea of Half Baked is to spilt into teams, pick two “buzz” words from a list that the crowd yelled out and then to create a website (with name, tagline, revenue model and marketing plan) in 10 minutes. Our team chose AtomicPimp.com, a subscription based dating site where people pay to be “pimped” out to find dates. A percentage of the profits go to “pimps”, who set people up on dates. Pimps can promote themselves through various social networking, blah, blah, blah…. Anyways, our team won tickets to the Summer Mash SF party at the Mighty… All because sex sells (oh, yeah, and our idea kicked ass).

3. Twitter is one of the biggest social networks out there, yet it is still only known by other fellow web geeks. In the beginning of the camp, we all went around saying our names, three “tags” (mine: Healdsburg, tourism and live events) and our favorite Social Media site (Hi my name is Shana and I am a Twitter-holic). Almost everyone in the room said Twitter as well. I must say there is definitely something in communicating in 140 characters or less.

4. Geek guys are hot (It is the glasses). That is all.

5. Just be honest and write about what you know, if it is interesting, people will read (just don’t constantly spam your friends with your blog URL *oops).

6. Social Media Marketing takes time. You have to build relationships, as well as maintain them. Old Media talked TO people, not with them.

7. Basic Online necessities:

1. Create a blog— WordPress is my personal favorite

2. Twitter — Start following people and have something to say

3. Facebook — It isn’t just there so you can poke old high school friends, FB has allowed me to connect with business owners, wineries and journalists in the area. It works.

4. Email — If people email you, make sure to follow up!

a day in the life of a healdsburg local.

For the last three days I have made Palette Art Café my latest stomping ground to do my everyday online activities. Today started off dedicated to writing a blog post about my life as of Monday morning (link to post to come) but as I got up to grab my soy mocha, I came across a flyer announcing an event for Healdsburg Magazine.

The event: A Day in the Life of Healdsburg: 19 July 2008

Healdsburg Magazine…. WHAT is this, WHY haven’t I heard about it and WHO came up with such a great idea to capture the beauty and personality that our little town has in one day??

My eyes lit up….. Is this flyer a sign that Healdsburg is where I should stay to pursue my next chapter of my life (once again, link to post to come). I had to check out HealdburgMagazine.com.

The site is a newly created new media magazine dedicated to life, food, wine, events and business in Healdsburg, Ca.

I believe it definitely has the potential to help bring Healdsburg into the new millennium (i.e., creating active participants within an online community). The creator of this site, Jennifer, seems to know about SEO and using social media to market a site.  As some may know, I am just starting to attempt to get Healdsburg online, so news that someone else wants to do the same thing gets me very excited.

The event in more detail: On Saturday July 19th, 2008 Healdsburg Magazine is asking all locals or visitors in Healdsburg to take a minute of their day to capture their experience.

“Just record being in Healdsburg”

  • If you video it, create a short video of your experience and email a link to the video
  • If you photograph it, send in the photograph with details about who, where, when, and how
  • If you blog it, just blog it and send the link to your blog
  • If you use audio, send in your audio clips
  • Or, just call and leave a voice mail. 707-477-2528

I will definitely be participating in this event, as well as telling everyone I know in Healdsburg that day to do the same. I also look forward to seeing what Healdsburg Magazine has in store for the future.

the battle of the brands.

Noah Brier has taken his site Brand Tags even further. Starting yesterday, visitors can pick the brand that they like best with Battle Mode! This new feature allows people to pick their favorite brand out of two random brand logos.

Try it out for yourself here, though, it is addicting…

I have argued this point with many of my friends: People pick brands based on emotion, and then they use their logic. I compare this to falling in love with a song based on the warm feeling it gives you about your middle school boyfriend…. Yes, I am talking about “Name” by the Goo Goo Dolls. *sigh.

This new addition to the site another great tool that Noah has created to get insight into people’s mindset, to look at the emotional aspect of a brand and of course, another tool to make Marketing Geeks like me gitty.

“Feeling feisty? Try battle mode.”

Some statistics that I have found thus far AS OF 11:15AM PST on Sunday:

Wins 100% of the time:

Arm & Hammer, Trek, Disney, Staples, VH1, Doritos, Adidas, World Wildlife Federation, Playstation, Scion, eBay, Post It, Xbox, Wii, Four Seasons, Coach, Discovery Channel, Bic, Kelloggs, Tupperware, Sharper Image

Loses 100% of the time:

Chevron, Sams Club, Bumble Bee, Kroger, Mexx, Exxon, Tide, NHL

More Stats that mean something to me:

§ HP wins 67% of the time

§ Barbie loses 60% of the time

§ Kodak loses 71% of the time

§ Wal Mart loses 40% of the time – Meaning that it wins 60% of the time…. Very surprising

§ Best Buy wins 63% of the time

§ Cadillac loses 80% of the time

§ Starbucks loses 63% of the time

§ Coffee-Mate wins 50% of the time

§ Nike loses 22% of the time

§ Patagonia wins 50% of the time

§ REI wins 71% of the time

§ NBA loses 67% of the time

§ Camelbak wins 75% of the time

§ Converse wins 75% of the time

§ Shell wins 56% of the time

§ WD40 wins 55% of the time

§ McDonalds loses 80% of the time

Currently this site is a day old, so I look forward to watching this site grow, and to see if it will brands will pay attention to this an example of how to use consumer mindset to leverage a brand’s personality.

On a another note: His site has encouraged me to pursue a branding experiment that has existed in my head for the last few years into realm of reality.  Look for a blog post about this soon.

tracking pork and beans.

YouTube is the latest social network that is offering brands free demographic data about users who click on their offerings. These facts will highly influence how bands, TV shows, movies and consumer products are marketed virally on the Web.

A feature called YouTube Insight, introduced in March, gives YouTube account holders a range of statistics, charts and maps about their audiences, and it is free!

YouTube is becoming the world’s biggest focus group

The data bring some science to what has in the past just been a crapshoot in terms of knowing who exactly is watching/reading a brands viral marketing efforts.

I know I already mentioned the latest “viral” hit: Weezer’s music video “Pork and Beans.”

The video was posted on May 23 and in less than two weeks, over 5.5 million have watched it, and now because of Insight we know that 65% of viewers are male. And after three days, 38% of viewers had discovered the video on other websites where people had posted it.

With this information, Weezer is planning on figuring out how to target the same demographic groups that watched the video, and how to reach out to those that didn’t.

who are these guys?

This picture is just too funny to NOT put up. It reminds of a few bands that my mom still listens to….. Who are these Guys is a website asking the question that is on my mind at the moment, actually my question is Who Are These Guys AND Where Are They Now?  It is from the kid who brought us OneRed Paperclip.

catching up on comedy videos: askaninja

The latest Weezer video, Pork and Beans (starring YouTube characters) inspired me to catch up on some YouTube videos that I haven’t seen, such as Chris Crocker’s stupid video Leave Britney Alone (no url because I refuse to promote it any more than this) or video’s that I haven’t watched in a while, like Liam Sullivan’s “Shoes” which is just as addicting as the songs title (yes, I went there).

The latest site I came accross was AskaNinja.com which I have heard of, but never actually seen. My first encounter is called “The Future of Video” which is not currently on their YouTube page so I cannot download it here. This video is where “The Ninja drops some mad wisdom on video, yo.”

FACT!!! This Video is freaking hilariousness as well as ALMOST educational…. Actually, it does remind me of just how must potential online videos have.

FACT!!! New media, new rules.

FACT!!! Click on this link to see the “The Future of Video” brought to you by The Ninja

FACT!!! This funny video from The Ninja is his most viewed video on YouTube

tag galaxy: intergalactic planetary

New must see site:

It is called Tag Galaxy and I found it through the Mashable blog. The site is basically just a Flickr search, but in Papervision3D.

Some screen shots:

You have to try it out…

Too bad the url is the same throughout the experience, because instead of sending people to my Flickr page, I would send them to this page to see images tagged with my name…

Or, thinking about someone other than myself for a chance, it could be pretty cool for HP or Clos du Bois. I could see them do a Flickr photo contest of some sort.

Click on this image to see what a regular Flickr search looks like:

green porno via sundance.

No words can describe my interest in the Sundance Channel’s short films by Isabella Rossellini on the mating habits of several bugs… you just have to watch!


Rossellini also sat down with CNN to share some her views on the shorts as well as on bugs.

Don’t miss out on the snail one.  Please feel free to leave me your comments, I would love to know if anyone else is almost speechless and strangely…. eductated as I am.

2nd best reason to throw a party.

Grilled Cheese cook off!

check out:

Evite’s Cheesy does it Blog Post

#1 reason: alliteration party… because I just bought fishnets and a fedora.

lolz spek… gtz usd 2 it.

Nao, if u iz unabel 2 solve teh lol spek zen yuz a n00b, bt u canz getz gnu letturz frum teh linkz beeloe!

Stdy ROLF con



Adtech08, Kodak, Twitter and the Digital World

No, I am not there, I went last year but I am currently too busy with work to go…. That is a good thing though right?!?!

Anyways, I have been watching the @stevehall, @arielwaldman and @stephagresta tweets. I also just started following @alisamleo today, so I have been trying to keep up-to-date on what is happening there.

One of the first keynotes of the day was from Kodak’s new CMO Jeffrey Hayzlett who started in 2006 and has quickly changed Kodak (famous for not quickly evolving to digital) completely around.

According to an Adrants blog post, some of the things that Kodak is doing to keep up with the Joneses:

  • An aggressive focus on digital. The Kodak Gallery, where pictures are shared and archived, boasts 70 million members. It is the second-largest social network in the world.
  • Blog outreach. Jeff’s not scared of nasty press or naughty talk. It’s part of the flame-fanning. Kodak was also one of the first companies in the world to hire a female Chief Blogging Officer.
  • Seizing moments of (sometimes manufactured) serendipity. He cited a moment when NASCAR heroes were photographed in Kodak hats. He talked about the Kodak Challenge on Celebrity Apprentice and the Gene Simmons controversy. Sales doubled the week following that episode.

“Hayzlett outlined the tactics Kodak has used to engineer a corporate transformation. In marketing and promotion, it has meant straddling the line between advertising and content and being willing to take some risks with the brand—if those seem to promise sales increases down the road.”

- Promo magazine.

Some great thinking seems to have come from adtech this year, but of course it isn’t without it’s problems, because according to @alisamleo’s final word of the first day of adtech:

final word: the shear lack of how the social web and its cultural constituents operate is astonishing”

So true, no matter how “old” this space may seem, it is constantly reinventing itself and we are all scrambling to keep up-to-date.

“So what is the next big thing? It’s ‘realigning organizations to execute in a digital world.’”

Ze Color Wars have officially started

Zefrank announced that the first game in the Twitter Color Wars is Roshambo, or “Rock, Paper, Scissors”. I have submitted 8 different photos via Flickr, representing the Blue Team.

The rules state that:

Tuesday evening a bracket style RoShamBo tournament will be held. Best of three RSB, winner moves on…

We will see how this turns out, for now, it is fun to watch how many people are getting excited, and how many people Gary V. has been able to recruit, just based on his Tweets and wonderfully excessive videos about the Very Green Team on his website. My entertainment also lies in my newly found competition between myself and KG against fellow Hamilton Partners Tim and Pete.


And yes, my series for Scissors involves a Peep’s head being cut off, one might call it a metaphor of what could happen to the opposing teams.

Twitter Color Wars 2008

For a few of us here at work (and many, many other various work places), today has been an interesting day to watch the tweets going on on… Just today zefrank has started a Twitter color war. Over the last several hours, him and Pete/Tim/KG’s new friend Gary V. have rallied up the Twitter masses to join various color groups on Twitter.

The Very Green Team has 462 members… Thanks to Gary V’s consistent rallying. This is the team that Tim chose to be a part of…. boo

The Offwhite Team has 53 followers.

The Gold Team has 124 followers.

The Orange Team has 148 followers.

ijustine’s FF1CAE team has 98 followers.

The Blue team, which zefank started, currently has no avatar, but they have 172 followers, AND it is the team that I joined.

There are also many other various “color” groups, but it will take forever to name them. Now, Pete, KG, Em, Sean… Do you have what it takes? Oh wait, I have no idea what the color wars of 2008 are even all about….. I guess we will wait to see…. Until tomorrow.

HP’s Idolhands Contest

HP is looking for the world’s most talented hands.  Entrants to the Idolhands contest could win $10,000 or one of four TouchSmart PCs. Contest ends February 28 by uploading a video of their hands doing, well, pretty much anything that they can do (keeping it clean of course).

Entrants upload their videos onto YouTube and then they have to post the YouTube video onto the HP Idolhands Contest site.     

The most “idolized” hands wins, so entrants can embed their videos onto their Facebook, Myspace, etc. pages to ask their friends to vote for their hands.

My favorite:

Interesting that HP doesn’t just have this contest on YouTube.

New comic to be obsessed over

Natalie Dee comics are hilarious. I just wish she had an RSS feed.

I know only 6% of internet users use it, but it is a wonderful tool. Much better than emails clogging up my inbox….


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