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More Simpson’s Movie Marketing

“Marketing a summer movie is a bit like choosing the right outfit for a porn convention: in a crowd of exhibitionists, it takes real creativity to stand out.”


This Thursday I am going to watch the Simpson’s movie… I have to… I have been engulfed in Simpsons Movie Marketing for the past month, I have to go and show my support for such a great overall campagin. The world has being bombarded with one of the biggest — and funniest — integrated marketing campaign’s ever!

7 Eleven, Jet Blue, Burger King, Microsoft and You Tube are some of the brands that are making this movie campagin one that others will have to compare themselves to.

A viral video campaign has came out too showing a series of videos which were created in promotion of the film. In each video, a famous landmark is spotted by “tourists” as they gasp at the giant pink donut resting atop the structure. The clips (which look very real), include footage of a donut-topped Statue of Liberty as well as LA’s famous Hollywood sign.I was able to turn my entire office into Simpsons characters, Now I just need to convince the producers to turn me into an actual character on the show.

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