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Viral Marketing at it’s best

Anyone who saw Transformers during its first week of release may have seen the trailer for the untitled J.J. Abrams movie about a monster attack in New York.

After I saw this trailer in the theater I immediately needed to go online to find out more. Little did I know this movie would be one of the most viral movies of all time. There are two sites that go along with the movie, one is a site for a Japanese drink called Slusho, the other is 1-18-08 which is the working title of the movie. One look at either of these sites and you are instantly hooked to want to know more…. Like what does a Japanese software drink have to do with the movie?

One of my least favorite things about going to the movies was that they show all of the best parts in the trailer. I understand that the movie needs to be sold to the consumer, but why should people even bother going to the movies when they can see all the best parts on their own TV/computers?? Hopefully this movie will tell movie studios that the less you show the more people want to see it…



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