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Gift Cards for the Holiday’s

Thinking of Snapfish’s product line over the past few months, Cheryl and I came up with a few new product offerings for them to stand out in comparison to Shutterfly and Kodak Easy Share. One of the idea’s was a personalized gift card where the giver could add any image they wanted to the Snapfish gift card and give to friends or family.

SF gift card

As Christmas is coming closer, I have been paying more and more attention to the massive amount of gift cards that take up several different spots in Safeway, as well as every POS by a cash register in almost every store I go into. They are everywhere. Did you know that 88% of us (according to NRF) will buy at least two gift cards this year.

Here are some suggestions, if you need them:

Home Depot’s cards double as a CD of How-to tips, which is perfect for most any guy on your Christmas list.

itunes (I saw this gift card in Safeway) now has gift cards that are for specific CD’s or playlists (i.e., 80’s or Mellow Jazz)

Starbuck’s gift cards leave a bad taste in my mouth because I was there several years ago for the start of the whole gift card craze…. We would have to hand register each card while there was a line out the door.

But now you can get a custom drink order (mine is a 150 degree tall soy black and white mocha, no whip), a personalized greeting, or you can tell your story through images on any gift card you buy online (much more efficient for large orders)!


Circuit City is giving away an instant-win card with gift card purchase and you can customize your card with a photo

Sears is going all out with their gift cards: One is a water-paint gift card that lets the giver or getter paint the scene and a sticker-book kit that lets buyers deck out their cards. The campagin is “What will you wish for”



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