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Gossip via Social Networking

Earlier today a colleague of mine reminded me to check my Twitter account. So I went on this afternoon at 2PM to take a look.

The latest Twitter was from Hugh MacLeod.

It was posted 1 minute earlier.

My response Twitter said “What?? Heath Ledger is dead??”

So of course, me being a pop culture junkie, I had to go onto my iGoogle home page to see if People.com had posted anything…… THEY HADN’T!!


10 minutes later I looked again and it was up. The article said “Heath Ledger found dead, more information to come…”

So through the wonders of social networking, I found information out before it hit the magazine’s website.

I had to go to my MySpace page to change my status to “Shana is shocked that Heath Ledger is found dead.” Instantly, 4 people left me comments is response and 2 people changed their own status to “RIP Heath”


On a completely different note, today is the last day to resister to vote in The CA primaries. I was reminded of this by a friend of mine who posted MySpace bulletin this morning

“If you haven’t already—today is your last chance to register to vote on February 5th.”

I took it one step further and in my bulletin I provided my MySpace friends the url to download the application and the address where to send it to. An hour later a few of my friends commented as well as sent out their own bulletins about the subject.

The uses for social networking are endless, but mindless entertainment (I apologize for calling a talented actor’s death, mindless entertainment—It is just for emphasis) spreads much faster than actual news.

I love that it is easy to get into the head of the consumer, because for the most part, it is my own head.


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