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No more lying to yourself about how many calories are in your beer

According to a recent Washington Post article, Federal regulators have proposed requiring the alcoholic-beverage industry to put nutrition and alcohol-content labels on their containers. Consumers currently have almost no standardized information on calories, ingredients, or alcohol in a serving of beer, wine or liquor. Some producers, including brewers of light beer, list some of the information to help capture sales.

There is concern that the content rules may give one sector an advantage over the other.

  • Beermakers are the biggest opponent of this comparison because, unlike a 12-ounce beer, there is no standard measure for how much liquor, and thus how much alcohol, goes into a drink.
  • Vintners are concerned about the cost of the proposal, which would require lab testing of different wines.

The labeling requirement would not take effect until three years after a final rule.

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