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Twitter Color Wars 2008

For a few of us here at work (and many, many other various work places), today has been an interesting day to watch the tweets going on on… Just today zefrank has started a Twitter color war. Over the last several hours, him and Pete/Tim/KG’s new friend Gary V. have rallied up the Twitter masses to join various color groups on Twitter.

The Very Green Team has 462 members… Thanks to Gary V’s consistent rallying. This is the team that Tim chose to be a part of…. boo

The Offwhite Team has 53 followers.

The Gold Team has 124 followers.

The Orange Team has 148 followers.

ijustine’s FF1CAE team has 98 followers.

The Blue team, which zefank started, currently has no avatar, but they have 172 followers, AND it is the team that I joined.

There are also many other various “color” groups, but it will take forever to name them. Now, Pete, KG, Em, Sean… Do you have what it takes? Oh wait, I have no idea what the color wars of 2008 are even all about….. I guess we will wait to see…. Until tomorrow.

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