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Ze Color Wars have officially started

Zefrank announced that the first game in the Twitter Color Wars is Roshambo, or “Rock, Paper, Scissors”. I have submitted 8 different photos via Flickr, representing the Blue Team.

The rules state that:

Tuesday evening a bracket style RoShamBo tournament will be held. Best of three RSB, winner moves on…

We will see how this turns out, for now, it is fun to watch how many people are getting excited, and how many people Gary V. has been able to recruit, just based on his Tweets and wonderfully excessive videos about the Very Green Team on his website. My entertainment also lies in my newly found competition between myself and KG against fellow Hamilton Partners Tim and Pete.


And yes, my series for Scissors involves a Peep’s head being cut off, one might call it a metaphor of what could happen to the opposing teams.


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