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Twitter is texting and Facebook is making phone calls

The Title is a quote from Gary V.’s latest tweet. I was apprehensive to really get into Twitter because in the beginning (about 7 months ago) it was just me and two work buddies talking to each other, which we did on IM anyways. My beginning of my texting experience was very similar, it took me a while to fully embrace texting. Now I barley ever actually call any of my friends, it is much more convenient to text them. Twitter has become one of the first websites I go to each morning, it has even surpassed my MySpace addiction (I actually describe Twitter as MySpace Status on crack to my ‘Real’ world friends).

A video from Gary V. on Twitter vs. Facebook. It is a great video to watch, not just because of the comparison between two huge players in the social networking web 2.0 community, but also because he describes the world as it is today. The need for instant gratification and speed, the increasing use of mobile and the desire of simplicity makes this site a top site for web geeks. Even though “nobody in the ‘Real’ world knows what Twitter is” when the general public finds out about it, the potential for it is astounding.

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