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My favorite time of year in Sonoma County.

Spring in Sonoma County is welcomed in mid-February by the bright blossoms of mustard flowers that line the vineyard rows.  By April the flowers have all been mowed down to make room for the grapes to be re-born.  This is my favorite time of year to drive through Dry Creek Valley, enjoy in the views and visit some friends who work at wineries (preferably before Barrel Tasting Weekend, which is a great weekend to visit, but the amazingness is out shined by the large amount of people out on the road).  Some of the best wineries to visit are Papapietro Perry and Peterson Winery, both a mile north of the general store (on the right side of the road).

This image is the first blog post of my new Flickr set called “Stuff I Love.” Every week, I am trying to add a new picture to the set. Mostly for my own personal enjoyment, but hey, if you enjoy it too, all the better.

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