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two weeks no blackberry.

It has been two whole weeks with no blackberry… The first few days I would have withdrawals right before I would go to bed, not being able to Twitter or MySpace while slowly falling to sleep. It seemed to take much longer for me to fall asleep without the mind-numbingness of MySpace.

Then there was a period where I would borrow my friend Lizzy’s cell phone so I could hold it in my pocket or hand just to me feel better (honestly, yes, I did do this). I realized that when I did have a cell, I would constantly check the time. Just one of my annoying nervous habits (like biting my nails) that I have when I am in public…. I should probably look into this.

This past week I have finally been getting over it, either communicating via MySpace or Twitter. I have set up a system via the internet (as well as Em’s iphone) that made it pretty easy to still get a hold of people. I also communicated through notes that were left at my house or that I left at friend’s places of work.

I should have taken some notes from Mental Detox week and given up all other media for this past two weeks.

Two more days, my new blackberry will be FedExed to me and I will most likely go back to my old ways of constantly texting, twittering and myspacing while hanging out with my real friends. We shall see if this past two weeks has actually taught me anything.

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