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barbequing vegetarians.

I have been a vegetarian for over 15 years. Yes, a vegetarian, not a vegan, not a “vegetarian” that occasionally eats chicken or fish. I don’t eat eggs, but yes, I eat items made with eggs (i.e., bread, cookies, etc.)…. I feel better now that is cleared up, yet, please don’t get me started on WHY I am a vegetarian, I honestly don’t even want to bother with my long rant about why…. I have already had to explain to all my friends who don’t understand.

One of my best friend’s loves to quote a bumper sticker that drives me nuts. “If animals were not meant to be eaten, why are they made of meat?”

Interesting fact that has barley anything to do with this post via Mintel Reports:

Improved health (65%) is the strongest motivator of respondents pursuing a vegetarian and vegan diet.

Anyways, this weekend is Memorial Day weekend and basically the start of Summer here in Sonoma County, California… More importantly, it is the start of BBQ season. It feels like it has been years since I have had a great veggie kabob. I was on Evite’s blog today and found an article that had a link to Williams-Sonoma’s BBQ plate to BBQ items like fajitas and NACHOS (seen above).

As a self-proclaimed cheese addict, I have to try out BBQ nachos!

Speaking of BBQ’n, I cannot even think about a BBQ without thinking about the type of wine I am going to drink but I never thought that the type of music I play will impact the taste of the wine. Check out Lia’s latest blog at Swirling Notions.com where she talks about how different music enhance the way wine tastes…. At least I can listen to the Stones and Hendrix while drinking my Clos du Bois Cabernet.

Any other vegetarian BBQ/music suggestions?

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