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an attempt at getting Healdsburg online.

I just started posting local Sonoma County events on upcoming.com as well as restaurant/bar/event reviews on Yelp.com, in hopes of getting some San Francisco residents interested in coming up to Sonoma County, mainly to Healdsburg because it is a pretty cool small town with a great music, art, wine, food scene.

Roshambo Winery’s Rock, Paper Scissors Tournament, the Wine Country’s “Sporting Event of the Year” is one of the best ways to showcase how fun our little town can be, and the event isn’t event in Healdsburg.

The small, independent winery was named after the West Coast slang for the ancient children’s game, “Rock, Paper, Scissors,” with its 6th annual RPS Tournament, Pirate Proms and Roshambustops, are definitely fighting for fun in a winey world. They also serve as the perfect wine to describe the non-touristisy side of Healdsburg. Recommended wine is their Carignane, playfully titled “The Rat”, read the Roshamblog to find out why Mike Smith (cellar rat/winemaker) names it this.

The tasting room:

The bus:

The other two places I have to recommend as a local (June 1st will be my first anniversary living here) are the Palette Art Café and Ravenous (no website… I will have to talk to some people about this). Both have a great selection of wine and have had some amazing bands come through their doors. Both are definitely worth visiting when coming up to Healdsburg.

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