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catching up on comedy videos: askaninja

The latest Weezer video, Pork and Beans (starring YouTube characters) inspired me to catch up on some YouTube videos that I haven’t seen, such as Chris Crocker’s stupid video Leave Britney Alone (no url because I refuse to promote it any more than this) or video’s that I haven’t watched in a while, like Liam Sullivan’s “Shoes” which is just as addicting as the songs title (yes, I went there).

The latest site I came accross was AskaNinja.com which I have heard of, but never actually seen. My first encounter is called “The Future of Video” which is not currently on their YouTube page so I cannot download it here. This video is where “The Ninja drops some mad wisdom on video, yo.”

FACT!!! This Video is freaking hilariousness as well as ALMOST educational…. Actually, it does remind me of just how must potential online videos have.

FACT!!! New media, new rules.

FACT!!! Click on this link to see the “The Future of Video” brought to you by The Ninja

FACT!!! This funny video from The Ninja is his most viewed video on YouTube


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