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new trend: cupcakes.

I have been noticing an increase in the amount of cupcake discussions on Twitter, maybe it is because I am following Ariel Waldman and she has an obsession with cupcakes (one of her many cupcake tweets), but it isn’t just her. There has been a few others on Twitter mentioning them (some even saying that “cupcakes” have jumped the shark).

My friend Lizzy just mentioned that she was helping to consult a friend of hers that just opened a cupcake shop in Cotati called Sift Cupcakery. This past weekend I visited this cupcake shop and it was like walking into my dream house in 1986.

As you can see, I think their cupcakes were delicious…. To quote my friend Jinx:

Even the glitter tastes pretty.

I was pretty impressed that they even have a blog called A Cupcake a Day. Currently, it is all about the trials of opening up a cupcake shop.

Ariel Waldman seems to be so obsessed with cupcakes that she created a Cupcake camp in San Francisco coming up this weekend on June 1st.

I am going to try to go. It should be a good cupcake eating time.

Upcoming Page on the event.


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