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tracking pork and beans.

YouTube is the latest social network that is offering brands free demographic data about users who click on their offerings. These facts will highly influence how bands, TV shows, movies and consumer products are marketed virally on the Web.

A feature called YouTube Insight, introduced in March, gives YouTube account holders a range of statistics, charts and maps about their audiences, and it is free!

YouTube is becoming the world’s biggest focus group

The data bring some science to what has in the past just been a crapshoot in terms of knowing who exactly is watching/reading a brands viral marketing efforts.

I know I already mentioned the latest “viral” hit: Weezer’s music video “Pork and Beans.”

The video was posted on May 23 and in less than two weeks, over 5.5 million have watched it, and now because of Insight we know that 65% of viewers are male. And after three days, 38% of viewers had discovered the video on other websites where people had posted it.

With this information, Weezer is planning on figuring out how to target the same demographic groups that watched the video, and how to reach out to those that didn’t.

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