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hi my name is shana and i am obessed with waffles.

If you have been paying any attention to my tweets, myspace status or facebook status over the past week, you know that I have had a lingering obsession with waffles. It started last week when all I wanted before work was a waffle from snobunny, so my friend Sean and I go there only to find they just started serving them on the weekends ONLY.

Since then, every time I attempt to get a waffle has ended in failure. Either because of the time of day, or my own personal time constraints. I was craving one so bad that I went out and bought some Safeway brand toaster waffles that satisfied my craving for maple syrup, but not for the fluffy goodness that a restaurant waffle can offer. There is no comparison of the thin, crispy toaster waffles to a fluffy warm one that just came off a waffle maker.

My friend Scott only fed on my obsession by going to get a waffle of his own, fully knowing (I assume) that I wasn’t able to get one of my own.

Why am I talking about this? Well, I am still obsessed and for some reason, beyond my control… I still want one. Bad. So like I do when I cannot stop thinking about someone or something, I write about it.

My new found obsession even made me remember that my love for waffles isn’t a new thing.  Years ago on a family road trip to Seattle, I remember fighting with my dad because all I wanted to eat the ENTIRE trip was waffles with strawberries and whipped cream, it was my beginning stages of becoming a vegetarian (yes, at age 11) and I refused to eat eggs or BACON (yes, I have denied bacon since I was 11) and I loved waffles so much, I wanted them for every meal. I am not sure if I got my way or not, but I do know every breakfast and most dinners were mostly waffles.

If anyone wants to meet me for lunch or breakfast this week to eat waffles, then let me know. Or if you have an amazing waffle recipe, post it here…. Oh. Also, let me know if you think I have a problem…. I may need help.


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