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new obession: cheese plate.

This obsession is actually a relatively new one for me, it started a year ago when my friend LoriAnn and I wanted to get cocktails at Barn Diva in Healdsburg.  We decided to order a cheese plate to soak up the alcohol we were drinking.  The appetizer had the staples that make up the typical cheese plate you see anywhere: blue cheese, a parmesan, another hard cheese and some goat cheese.

After we both realized the other’s passion for a single plate of cheese, we agreed that it was out “thing” to go on our cheese plate and wine dates. For the last year we will go on our “dates” to places around Healdsburg like Scopa, Charcuterie, Palette Art Cafe, Ravenous and Willie’s Seafood.  OK, we haven’t been to that many places but we are both of very different schedules which has not deterred our love for the cheeses.

We are planning on meeting soon to enjoy the cheese plate at Diavola, the new gourmet pizzeria in Geyerville, Ca (amazing beet salad) and then shortly after that we have a scheduled field trip to Pugs Leap Goat Cheese, located right in the middle of Dry Creek.

Watch out for more blogging and pictures on our cheese adventures.

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