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excerpts from obama’s speech.

humility in our approaches.

people of goodwill.

please join others in the strive for a prosperous nation and a healthy planet.

the ground has shifted beneath us.

yes, we intend to move forward.

we will extend the hand if you’re willing to unclench the fist.

this nation cannot prosper long when it only values the prosperous.

people would rather cut their hours rather than see a friend lose their job.

our challenges may be new.

but those values on which success depends — these things are true.

this is the price of our citizenship.

shape an uncertain destiny.

remember who we are and how far we have traveled.

we refused to let this journey end.

eyes fixed on the horizon.

This is my random attempt at writing down bits and piece’s of President Barack Obama’s speech during this historic speech.  Truly poetic.

I watched him being sworn in from the comforts of my own bedroom, live on CNN.com in partnership with Facebook.  Read about the numbers of social networking today here.

Realizing I would have been to late to make it to my morning PR class, I quickly stopped by my mother’s house  to visit her and my 2 year old nephew Gavin.   Just seeing him laugh once and know there is hope for this world… Obama’s speech just reassured this for me.


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