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take your rubber chicken to work week.

Yet another brilliant publicity ploy from El Jefe at Twisted Oak Winery is the idea to get people to take their “Twisted” rubber chickens to their places of work.  Yes, last week was take your rubber chicken to work week, or #tyrctww if you are talking about it on Twitter.

Though, I never made it into my real office because I was traveling to San Francisco for the ZAP fest and to help assist Alice Medrich on her segment on chocolate crostini’s on the View from the Bay (yes, I thought about taking it here, but I had too much other stuff to bring), I did take some great pictures and had a lot of fun with my four rubber chickens.   Yes, perhaps some things did get a little out of control.

My week started off with some social media work from my kitchen with three of my four chickens.


My fourth little guy was lost, which my first reaction was that he was kidnapped.  My friend Kevin designed a milk box so that I could properly let others know that he was missing.


Finally, my roommates found him, hiding next to our beer fridge and brought him back to me safe.


He visited my PR class with me and then we were off to visit San Fransisco where we both drank wayyyyyy too much zin.


2 responses

  1. AnnaLisa

    Do tell what it was like to work with Alice Medrich! Have you worked with her before? What role did you play? I saw the video clip and it certainly wasn’t a complicated recipe so there must be much more behind going on behind the scenes!

    February 4, 2009 at 11:34 pm

  2. Alice is an amazing person. Just as humble and nice as she appears on TV. I was her assistant, making sure she has everything she needed for her segment.

    The recipe is one of the easiest I have seen… AND oh so yummy!

    February 6, 2009 at 1:33 am

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