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funny by accident, sarcastic on purpose; 25 tidbits of randomness.

I have been “tagged” multiple times on Facebook with this Myspace inspired spam called 25 Random Things about you.  Inspired by David LeBovitz’s blog post “89 random things about me”  I decided to also post mine on my blog, mainly because it explains a lot about me and the reasoning behind this blog.

1. I am not sure how to start off these random notes about me. I know I am going to over think everything, get self conscious and start over….

2. I only rewrote five of them and I decided to keep one at the last moment and it is the fact that I love sauerkraut and am craving it right now.

3. Sparkling wine from any region is my drink of choice, though it gives me the worst hangover.

4. I became a vegetarian at age 12; right after the McDonald’s opened in my town.

5. At 16, I worked at Windsor Waterworks. Being around the smell of hotdogs, cotton candy and pepperoni pizza’s, I started craved the taste of a hot dog again. I bought one, went into the break room and ate one bite before spiting it out. I have not purposely eaten meat since.

6. I hate the term “Sleep is for the weak.” I love sleep, and I always have needed at least 7 hours a night to feel sane the next day. It is healthy and I hate that people try to make me shameful for this.

7. I would love to open my own gourmet vegetarian cafe. I love to cook, though I would not make a good chef because I tend to be clumsy with a knife and I hate recipes.

8. Ever since watching the Real World Season 2 in Los Angeles I have wanted to be on a Reality Show. Though I have never moved forward with this dream because I am not as over the top as anyone who is on these shows (well, anyone after the Real World Vegas – when reality shows jumped the shark).

9. I will admit it – I love the Reality Shows on VH1. I will watch no matter how many times it takes for Bret Michaels or Flavor Flav to find “true love.”

10. I fear I have become desensitized to the thought of true love.

11. I have a very deep spiritual side that no one knows about. I plan on connecting with this during a month long trip to India.

12. As a child, my first “dream job” was to be a lawyer, my second was to be a teacher, and third (and final) was to be a marketing executive.

13. I have always loved watching TV commercials and when I discovered that someone actually got paid to come up with the ideas for them, I knew that is what I wanted to do with my life.

14. I break things easily, including wine glasses and two of my friend’s pinky fingers, though I have never broken any of my own bones.

15. I am thankful for Corelle dishes.

16. The reason I have a tattoo on my wrist that purposely says “Breath” without the “e” on the end is to remind me to breathe before I do or say anything without thinking (like spell things wrong).

17. The reason my Twitter name is ShaRayRay started with an email from my friend Melody. A co-worker saw this email and soon Sharayray, Ray Ray or Ray-Dawg became my name. I was once introduced to a client as “Sharayray.” I have a feeling one co-worker even thought that was my name.

18. The reason my blog is currently called “Shana; not out on VHS yet” is because when I was asked if I had seen “No Country for Old Men” my mindless response was that it hasn’t come out on VHS yet. Seconds later I realized my mistake and the whole office laughed at me.

19. I am great at making people laugh, though I do it unintentionally. When I actually try to be funny – I am not.

20. I have been known to yell loudly and demand to be the center of attention, and then when everyone is looking at me, I sometimes turn red and get embarrassed for my outburst.

21. When I am embarrassed, I am not really that embarrassed. I still love the attention.

22. I did not enjoy eating tofu bacon.

23. I really, truly wanted to enjoy tofu bacon.

24. For the life of me, I do not understand the obsession that people have with bacon.

25. Though, cupcakes I get.

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