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ben and jerry’s using facebook connect.

This new Facebook format has brought on a abundance of brands jumping into this social network to create Brand Pages… This has it’s positive and negative impacts.  The negative being that there are possibility too many choices of brands out there for Facebook users to become “fans” of.  The positive part of this is that the brands that put forth the extra effort will stand out.

Case in point: Ben and Jerry’s

This is a brand that I already have a deep connection with.  Phish food has been a part of some of my favorite college memories, eating a whole pint of it in the parking lot of Safeway or Vons with a friend when the occasional case of the munchies hit.

They have been one of the brands with the largest fan base since as far back as I started paying attention (almost a year and a half) and now you are able to participate with Ben and Jerry’s and Facebook on their own website.  With Facebook Connect you can post your favorite flavors on your Facebook Profile, letting all your friends know which flavors are your favorite.


Why do this?  Well, it is all about your personal relationship with the brand.   The most memorable brands are the ones that people feel a personal connection with.   I will argue til I am blue in the face that Phish Food is the best flavor, and even though I do not have a personal preference of which winery truly has the best Pinot Noir, I have been known to get into arguments over which varietal of wine is the best and will go to any winery that makes a Pinot.

Which brands do you feel you have a “personal” connection with?


the battle of the brands.

Noah Brier has taken his site Brand Tags even further. Starting yesterday, visitors can pick the brand that they like best with Battle Mode! This new feature allows people to pick their favorite brand out of two random brand logos.

Try it out for yourself here, though, it is addicting…

I have argued this point with many of my friends: People pick brands based on emotion, and then they use their logic. I compare this to falling in love with a song based on the warm feeling it gives you about your middle school boyfriend…. Yes, I am talking about “Name” by the Goo Goo Dolls. *sigh.

This new addition to the site another great tool that Noah has created to get insight into people’s mindset, to look at the emotional aspect of a brand and of course, another tool to make Marketing Geeks like me gitty.

“Feeling feisty? Try battle mode.”

Some statistics that I have found thus far AS OF 11:15AM PST on Sunday:

Wins 100% of the time:

Arm & Hammer, Trek, Disney, Staples, VH1, Doritos, Adidas, World Wildlife Federation, Playstation, Scion, eBay, Post It, Xbox, Wii, Four Seasons, Coach, Discovery Channel, Bic, Kelloggs, Tupperware, Sharper Image

Loses 100% of the time:

Chevron, Sams Club, Bumble Bee, Kroger, Mexx, Exxon, Tide, NHL

More Stats that mean something to me:

§ HP wins 67% of the time

§ Barbie loses 60% of the time

§ Kodak loses 71% of the time

§ Wal Mart loses 40% of the time – Meaning that it wins 60% of the time…. Very surprising

§ Best Buy wins 63% of the time

§ Cadillac loses 80% of the time

§ Starbucks loses 63% of the time

§ Coffee-Mate wins 50% of the time

§ Nike loses 22% of the time

§ Patagonia wins 50% of the time

§ REI wins 71% of the time

§ NBA loses 67% of the time

§ Camelbak wins 75% of the time

§ Converse wins 75% of the time

§ Shell wins 56% of the time

§ WD40 wins 55% of the time

§ McDonalds loses 80% of the time

Currently this site is a day old, so I look forward to watching this site grow, and to see if it will brands will pay attention to this an example of how to use consumer mindset to leverage a brand’s personality.

On a another note: His site has encouraged me to pursue a branding experiment that has existed in my head for the last few years into realm of reality.  Look for a blog post about this soon.