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note from tom (myspace).

Hey all,

Today marks the launch of MySpace Local which is a great place to check out local businesses in your neighborhood. You can rate, review, and share your favorite neighborhood venues with friends. We’re launching with two categories today (Restaurants and Bars & Nightlife), but will be adding many more soon. MySpace Local covers every major city in the U.S. Check out cool places near you.

I already wrote some reviews of my favorite places in Los Angeles — go here to read them if you want to see how it works. I’m looking forward to seeing your favorite places. Thanks to Outback Steakhouse for helping MySpace to make this happen.



I just logged onto MySpace for the first time in a few days to check on a comment and the first thing I saw was the above letter from Tom the “creator” of MySpace.  Since the drop in visitors to MySpace they have been trying to win people back through many different new features (most that are carbon copies of Facebook features), but will this local rating system for restaurants and bars be the thing that sets this social network apart and possibly win visitors (or brands) back?  Doubtful….  I tried it out by searching for “beer” in Santa Rosa, CA and only two bars (one that is actually closed) came up in the search.  I guess I will have to try it out again in a few weeks to see if anything has changed.




Twitter is texting and Facebook is making phone calls

The Title is a quote from Gary V.’s latest tweet. I was apprehensive to really get into Twitter because in the beginning (about 7 months ago) it was just me and two work buddies talking to each other, which we did on IM anyways. My beginning of my texting experience was very similar, it took me a while to fully embrace texting. Now I barley ever actually call any of my friends, it is much more convenient to text them. Twitter has become one of the first websites I go to each morning, it has even surpassed my MySpace addiction (I actually describe Twitter as MySpace Status on crack to my ‘Real’ world friends).

A video from Gary V. on Twitter vs. Facebook. It is a great video to watch, not just because of the comparison between two huge players in the social networking web 2.0 community, but also because he describes the world as it is today. The need for instant gratification and speed, the increasing use of mobile and the desire of simplicity makes this site a top site for web geeks. Even though “nobody in the ‘Real’ world knows what Twitter is” when the general public finds out about it, the potential for it is astounding.

Gossip via Social Networking

Earlier today a colleague of mine reminded me to check my Twitter account. So I went on this afternoon at 2PM to take a look.

The latest Twitter was from Hugh MacLeod.

It was posted 1 minute earlier.

My response Twitter said “What?? Heath Ledger is dead??”

So of course, me being a pop culture junkie, I had to go onto my iGoogle home page to see if People.com had posted anything…… THEY HADN’T!!


10 minutes later I looked again and it was up. The article said “Heath Ledger found dead, more information to come…”

So through the wonders of social networking, I found information out before it hit the magazine’s website.

I had to go to my MySpace page to change my status to “Shana is shocked that Heath Ledger is found dead.” Instantly, 4 people left me comments is response and 2 people changed their own status to “RIP Heath”


On a completely different note, today is the last day to resister to vote in The CA primaries. I was reminded of this by a friend of mine who posted MySpace bulletin this morning

“If you haven’t already—today is your last chance to register to vote on February 5th.”

I took it one step further and in my bulletin I provided my MySpace friends the url to download the application and the address where to send it to. An hour later a few of my friends commented as well as sent out their own bulletins about the subject.

The uses for social networking are endless, but mindless entertainment (I apologize for calling a talented actor’s death, mindless entertainment—It is just for emphasis) spreads much faster than actual news.

I love that it is easy to get into the head of the consumer, because for the most part, it is my own head.

MySpace still ruled

According to a Media Post article, MySpace ruled the U.S. social networking space in terms of sheer volume, receiving more than three-quarters of all the social networking traffic in the U.S. in 2007.

Facebook took the number two spot–snagging nearly 13% of all social net traffic, followed by Bebo with about 1%. But all you Facebook lovers should be happy because traffic to MySpace was actually down by 8% from the previous year. In contrast, traffic to Facebook was up by some 51%.

Researching age demographics for Myspace vs. Facebook provided me with no good recent reports on the age differences, though I found a great one from 2006 about how 68% of Myspace users are over 25.

According to Quantcast, Facebook’s demographics leaned heavier to 18-24 (54% are 18-24) where as MySpace’s demographics were spread out a little more (38% are 18-24 and 22% are 25-34).

Cloverfield Clip

Ok, the clip I just posted was for MySpace only so didn’t come up, because (I was just informed) that you cannot embed items onto Word Press blogs.

The clip is now on MySpace page and it is a pretty cool viral campagin. It is a trailer of the movie and J.J. Abrams comes up in the beginning saying that whoever has the most widget grabs will win a hometown screening of the movie. Cloverfield’s MySpace page where you can grab one for yourself.

P.S. I freaking HATE horror/monster movies, yet I love a great marketing campagin so I just have to see this movie!